Equipment samples for drilling

Drilling Rigs and Operational Equipment

Beside sampling equipment, equipment for SPT’s & DPT's DPH15, locally some larger rigs are available. 

Nordmeijer DSB 1/3.5

APA barcadera Nordmeijer

Multi functional rig for investigations, piling and well drilling, the Nordmeijer DSB 1/3.5 drill rig, Can be used for well drilling, piling and investigations.

Recent works with equipment like this: 

  • Geotecnical drillings over water in Barcadera Harbour;
  • Well drilling upto 70 m and diameter 26" for the water plant on Aruba.
  • Piling for new police station in Otrobanda, Curacao.
  • Overwater JUP drilling for the Mega Pier II on Curacao with with Geobore S system.



Massenza M.I.2.:

MAIN street hotel aruba Massenza

Perfect multi functional drilling rig for geotechnical investigations and small wells, cased rollerbit or core drillings. Here an example at work close to the main street in Aruba. Total unit & tools fits in a 20 ft container for easy transportation worldwide.

Solidly constructed and versatile, the rig is used for various applications: small water wells, geothermal applications, soil investigations, coring and micro piles. It is mounted on a crawler with extendable tracks, operated at a distance by remote control. The rig is designed for working safely with various drilling methods: direct circulation, down the hole hammer drilling and augering. The operators control panel is positioned on a rotating arm which assures an ideal working position and perfect sight of the drilling movements.

The Rig itself benefits from the following work methods;

  • Rotation with Direct Circulation
  • Rotation with down the hole hammer

The basic Rig itself is made up of the following specification;

  • 48 HP Engine Power (35kW)
  • Fuel tank capacity of 50 litres (13.2 gallons)
  • Fixed control panel for drilling rig positioning
  • Mobile control panel for drilling control
  • Rotary head with 4 gears, model TM2c.


The Wizard

Aqualectra Wizard CUR

A small but thruly multi functional, caterpillar driven rig, specially designed for geotechnical investigations. Due to it’s size it’s easily transported with it’s drilling tools in a 20” foot container.

The Wizard, built by the Dutch company Drilcon, is a compact drilling rig on caterpillar tracks that can be used for both environmental and geotechnical investigations. When mounted on a working vessel or pontoon, the Wizard is highly suitable for percussion boring in the channel bed, even in relatively deep water.
The Wizard can carry out both percussion boring and auger boring. Percussion boring is possible up to a diameter of 250 mm, (depending on the foundation) to a maximum of 50 metres deep. Hollow and continuous flight auger boring is possible up to a diameter of 150 mm (depending on the foundation) to a maximum depth of 20 metres.
Thanks to its small dimensions (1.35 wide, about 4 metres high), the Wizard can be used in difficult-to-reach locations and in buildings. Because of its compact structure and it weight of only 2200 kg, the Wizard can be transported in a light truck. This allows for flexible use at low deployment costs.


A new Massenza M.I.3 with small JUP

Massenza coco cay bahamas



A new Massenza MI3 with small JUP

coco cay jup 



A new Massenza MI3 with small JUP

coco cay massenza 



A B57 geotechnical multi rig with SPT equipment



Jack Up platform with Nordmeijer DSB 1/3.5.

JU 5

Jack Up platform, for off shore drillings up to 20 m water depth.